Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Want to get real money from the internet for free?

I have been an internet user for about 9 years now, and when I saw some ads about 8 years that promise to give you money or give you an online job I got interested and clicked them, but after going through several of them I noticed that they do not really give you money or you have to pay them to give you a job.

I got interested with making money online again last July so I began searching for things that I can earn some money from, and I have found out there are several ways of really making some money online.

Things like getting paid to read email immediately got my attention and joined a lot of them, but after a month I found out I was only making a few cents and I cannot get them because I have not qualified for their payout rate which is quite high and when I calculated it, it would take about a year of wasting time to read e-mails to get a few dollars.

I began looking for different ways to earn online and have found HYIP programs. These programs offer a very high return of capital, but I soon found out the hard way that there is no easy money on the internet, to simply put it, my money got scammed.

I did not give up on HYIP programs just yet, right now I have found a few programs that paid me, Profit Swinger PRO and Fidelity Investment Group to name a few.

But I did not want to stop with HYIPs (High Yield Investment Programs) so I again looked for other ways to earn, thus I found out about adSense by google. I am currently exploring how to earn with adsense and trying to learn from different forums and other resources on the net.

After I gain sufficient information about adSense and after I have made some money with it, I will post an article about it here on my blog.