Saturday, October 28, 2006

Downline Building

Why do you think so many companies are creating free membership type cards that when used will save you money? All the major airlines and other companies have some form of a prospect list. They do this so they can send their customers special offers, track their spending habits, reduce their inventory and use Just in Time ordering so they only order what they will need based on the statistics they gather from their customers. It saves them money and it allows them to make more money.

With this said, the method of business building that has worked for decades and maybe even centuries is to build a prospect list, so lets talk about an opt-in or prospect list for a minute so you can realize the value of this aspect of your business. No, the Internet has not been around for decades or centuries, but a prospect list is just as important to traditional businesses as it is for online businesses. Your prospect list can be a goldmine. You can buy leads and send them a message directing them to what is called a capture or landing page. (This is simply a page where you give prospects a little bit of information and the goal is to get them to agree to receive additional emails from you)

You dont even have to wait until you have a product to start building your prospect list. Everyone has a story to tell and you can start telling your story to people so they can learn from your mistakes and expertise. Not everyone has the marketing experience I have, so I can offer my expertise in this area. You might have a background in accounting or painting, or collecting old bottles. So you use that information to form a bond with others on the Internet with similar interests. Remember, when you are dealing online, you are dealing with nearly a billion people and out of a billion people there will be thousands who have similar interests to you.

Make every day count. Do something every single day toward building your list. The best way to ensure your success online is to build your prospect list. Stop waiting for people to contact you and go out and find them yourself.

Build your own prospect list! I don’t care if you are promoting dildos, paper clips, can openers or socks with holes. Without a prospect list, you are dead in the water. You cannot buy a prospect list, you have to build it yourself. You can buy leads, but you have to get those leads to give you their name, email and other personal information which gives you permission to send emails to them and then you send updates, announcements, special offers, etc.

You don’t blast them with an ad a day, you don’t blast them with the latest and greatest product or service; you don’t blast them with anything! You nurture them and educate them on who you are and how you can help them and you build trust in them. You make sure you have answers to their questions and you support them however you can. Eventually, they are going to buy something from you because you have gained their trust and you are there to support them. You cannot make money overnight and you cannot build a prospect list overnight. It takes time, it takes patience and it is going to take some money.

Sending people to your affiliate sales page so they subscribe to get information from the company you are selling for is not the same as building your own prospect list. You need to have 100% control over your prospects and not leave this to someone else. For this you will need an Ad-free Autoresponder and a landing page so people can subscribe to get more details from you. This gives you total control and then you can do as we mention above and start educating and getting to know your prospects.