Friday, September 08, 2006

Autopilot earning with adSense

When I first heard about adsense by google I did not pay attention to it as I do not have my own website to put it on and I did not even know what a blog was back then.

I have spent many sleepless nights trying to find some way to earn money online without spending cash first, my mistake was overlooking adsense's earning potential. Adsense works by inserting ads to a website through javascript injection to your HTML code, it will read the page contents and try to display ads that are relevant. When someone except you, clicks on the ads with your adsense ID you will get money creditted to you depending on how much the advertiser pays.

I have earned some money through adsense by placing my adsense ID on ad revenue sharing forums such as and, but there are more places where you can basically earn with adsense without ever having a website of your own. I found this blog where several adsharing sites are listed, he has some nice articles to read about too.

To get an adsense account you need to register at it will not cost you anything to register. If you do not have your own website like me there is a way to get an adsense account through, it takes about 1-2 days for your adsense account to be activated.

Once you have your account activated you can already start placing your ID anywhere you want that is allowed by the adsense TOS, be sure to follow their guidelines and make sure you would not break any of their rules or you will get your account banned, and once your account is banned it is lost forever along with whatever earnings you had with it.

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webdevelop said...

informative article. I will join all those adrevenue sites and forums. but is there anyway to tarck how much we earn from those adrevenue sites and forums?

Homework62 said...

yes, through adsense channels

adsense to your income said...

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NIcky said...

good article. if i have read this article before i started my blog this would have been so much more helpful

duyduy said...

but how can we monitor the earning?
How much do u get paid from KOD?